I wonder…

I have been jolted by my father’s violent brakes during our summer trips on car. I wonder how violent would a jolt feel like when your car crashes badly into something. I have been holding my breath in laughter for so long back in childhood. I wonder how would it feel like to sink in […]

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When people get over the immaturity and step into the adulthood, they find themselves no longer interested in the outer appearance of people . With no longer desire of seeking attention and popularity, as one usually has in infantile, all they just care about is having some unconditional friend. And friends of such people loose […]

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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Storybook Day.”

I’d like to spend my day with Jem and Scout from ‘To kill a Mocking-Bird‘ in Maycomb and being around them means a chance to meet the Dill, if it’s summer there. The best thing about sticking around them in Maycomb, would be that you can easily get out of your shell without being judged. You wouldn’t get the privilege on the behalf of your ethics. You can unhesitatingly follow them at the dining table and have lunch with them like a family as Dill would do, whereas the other Maycomb’s residents are terribly judgmental.

Moreover, I’d cross the fence of the Boo Radley’s house and in spite of being dragged and carried away by the fellow kids, I’d knock the door of the house, which I would surely find in darkness, if I could peek inside through some open window but there wouldn’t be any. I would ask straight away “What’s wrong with you? Why don’t you ever come out? Why you have always been a mysterious character all over the Maycomb?”, if I didn’t get shot by Nathan Radley just right after the door is opened.

Besides, I’d have breakfast with Atticus-The Lawyer and would be served by Calpurnia and would listen to all those famous quotations of him live, while helping myself with bread and Omelet.

Furthermore, I’d love to travel with Scout when she would be coming back to her native town in ‘Go set a Watchman’ and then I would love to realize along the mature Scout, how one’s perspective changes about the same people and the same surroundings when childishness fades away or takes the back seat…


Cure to Frustration!

The night was still, except the stars twinkling on the sky. A person with dull eyes was sitting in the corner of the room without any movement in dark with head resting on the folded arms on the dining table. The books were scattered all around the room, presenting a view of the study area. […]

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Be the change you want to see in the world.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Be the Change.”

Blog is just a platform which is helping me to polish my writing skills. There is no chance of changing someone through my blog, yea but there is no doubt, it’s changing me. It clears my mind and thoughts. If focuses my thoughts and then writing on it further opens the knots of my mind.

As the saying goes:

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

So, somehow It’s changing me, so world is!

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