That Wasn’t A Dream

The story started when I was wandering on a silent street, bathed with the moonlight. I stepped into someone’s house with an open door and discovered that everything – from furniture to the books, to the art on the wall – was identical to my home. I started roaming in the home unintentionally and saw […]

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Creating or Deleting History?

Yet, I’m going to talk on the behalf of young generation. Nowadays, the young generation has a focus on deleting history rather creating (If you know what I mean). As the young generation as well as the student, we know the woes of students. We have to learn long historical achievements of those who had […]

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The Funny Incident!

(Wrote a few weeks ago) Its all about yesterday, that was a beautiful evening of a beautiful day as pleasant as a rainy day,(not sure that day was really that attractive or my mood made it so 🙂 ) while sitting leaning back on a chair in the front yard looking out the gate at […]

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The Liebster Award.

This is so awesome. I got nominated by It is thrilling to be appreciated. Thanks to Mira. The Liebster award is a great milestone for new bloggers. THE RULES FOR ACCEPTING THE AWARD ARE AS FOLLOWS: 1) Post the award on your blog 2)Thank the blogger who presented this award and link back to their […]

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it’s a bit difficult to gather the old scattered memories into one picture. Yeah! Maybe it’s the best memory to write about, the Nightmare. When I was a kid, I often dreamed about someone who kidnaps me from my home. He wears a dirty dress with long open hairs. He comes into our home by […]

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Why do we stop appreciating the things when we get them. Well that’s a different thing. I often think where that beautiful fragrance of my Grandmother home have gone? I had a flashback about how every year papa used to load all us four siblings in the back-seat of his Corolla 86 and so we […]

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A Walk Down Memory Lane

This post is written in response to the DP Challenge “One-Way Street” & “Hindsight is 20-20“ While writing this blog I’m imagining myself standing at the doorway to time machine. As I have been asked to choose if I have a one way time machine which way I’ll go? I’m too excited to see what I […]

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