A Walk Down Memory Lane

This post is written in response to the DP Challenge “One-Way Street” & “Hindsight is 20-20

While writing this blog I’m imagining myself standing at the doorway to time machine. As I have been asked to choose if I have a one way time machine which way I’ll go? I’m too excited to see what I am going to write because I don’t know too and still i won’t, till my fingers press the keyboard buttons and send input to CPU and it gives output signals to Screen and the thoughts come printed black and white in front of me because I have never thought like this before. I guess,I would decide to travel to past in order to shuffle some things, to change my present as well as my future. Because travelling to past will be the key to successful future. If I go to past I’d like to remain in past forever because no past means no regrets or maybe I’d like to spend some time there, setting things right till I’m sure I won’t have regrets in the future. Living in the past forever actually is not that good an idea because memories too make a sweet part of life and as far as the regrets are concerned I think regrets bless our life with ambition and help us plan a better future.

Firstly, when I enter the past I’ll make sure not to lose my true pride in front of those who don’t value it. As the time flies people change but actually sometimes it’s a mask that falls off and they reveal their true nature. So, this time I’ll try to look beyond the mask. Besides, I will create a better relationship with my old friends so today when I’m too far from them they won’t forget me and I’ll note down their contact numbers and complete addresses so that I could chat with them off and on and when I’ll have a chance to go back to my hometown I could hang out with them. In addition to that, I’ll help my younger brother with his studies especially when he was in Grade 4th because he had to study that grade 2 times from 3 different institutions. It often gets very embarrassing and annoying when someone asks him in which grade he is, his reply never fails to make us cringe, “What? Still in Grade 6?” (Now he is in Grade 6) and we often tease him a lot about that. Further more I’d like to enjoy with my whole family when we were together because my eldest brother, after spending his 9 years in hostel now he is doing a job so he doesn’t have much time to hangout with us and the other brother is in University who is living in hostel too. Moreover, the last one but not the least I’ll enjoy my childhood 😀


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