Why do we stop appreciating the things when we get them. Well that’s a different thing. I often think where that beautiful fragrance of my Grandmother home have gone?

I had a flashback about how every year papa used to load all us four siblings in the back-seat of his Corolla 86 and so we traversed the most joyous of the journeys – the beloved annual trip to our homeland i.e Karachi. We used to spend our Summer vacations at my Grandmother’s home after making a 10 hour journey from Rahim Yar Khan. Though we would get extremely tired in our car while travelling, the mere thought of the first sight of the lights of Karachi would liven us up. Still, the physical fatigue would overwhelm in the end. As we knocked the door, the sight of our pants from beneath the door would make excited the whole family and as we put our first step in, our warm welcome used to freshen us again and the plan of sleeping after reaching home that I made in the car in the condition of blase always gets changed to party, celebration, festivity. Oh! I got off the topic and I’m assured you had forgotten too. Actually the scene is so absorbing, what can you do – Not your fault 🙂  So, what is the link between this party scene and the aroma that I discussed above? That refreshing savour would always come at my Granny’s home maybe from the refrigerator or Granny’s dress But now when we are permanently shifted here I don’t smell that. I’ve always imagined that the smell used to come from some sort of pink colored flowers dancing playfully together. Conceivably I am now habitual of that fragrance due to which it doesn’t charm me or really that smell has vanished.

Not just the party scene and the fragrance had leading role in developing an absorbing atmosphere for me in Karachi but each and every thing was a sort of enjoyment for me especially the streets reflecting the street lights in moist wind at night. Now when we are permanently shifted here, everything is not that charming like before. We people are really so strange and cruel. We don’t appreciate the things that we have instead we ran behind the pathetic things to be unhappy.



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