it’s a bit difficult to gather the old scattered memories into one picture. Yeah! Maybe it’s the best memory to write about, the Nightmare. When I was a kid, I often dreamed about someone who kidnaps me from my home. He wears a dirty dress with long open hairs. He comes into our home by cycle and steals me from my mom. The duration of this dream used to be so short Mostly, when we dream, the surroundings used to be unfamiliar for us but in that dream that house was really ours and it always looked so real. Actually the appearance of that person was not frightening, it was the fear of being kidnapped that became my nightmare. I watched the same dream multiple times that I got so frightened, what if it becomes reality. Besides this, I would dream about a beggar who blocked my way while dancing in front of me on a road. His appearance was much similar to the first one but this one was scarier and the thing that increases his scariness was his quick terrifying dance like a red India and the street on which he blocks my way is actually situated near to my home. After dreamed it many times I had stopped to use that street anymore. I don’t dream that currently but the remembrance of it still scares me.


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