The Funny Incident!

(Wrote a few weeks ago)
Its all about yesterday, that was a beautiful evening of a beautiful day as pleasant as a rainy day,(not sure that day was really that attractive or my mood made it so 🙂 ) while sitting leaning back on a chair in the front yard looking out the gate at the passers-by… I was making my to-do list for to attend the literature society class. Moreover, I had prepared a Book review on “the Alchemist” and I was so excited to share it with my literature society fellows and that excitement rose only more because the ceremony was finally decided to be held tomorrow after months of delay. The class is conducted once a week i.e today. Besides this, I had to get registered for the scrabble and kangaroo contests at college whose last date happened to be today too. Furthermore, I had to return the book “Patras k mazamen” to the college library as I was not sure whether i have availed the 4 days of issuance or not. In addition to that, our games period was also today for which I had waited badly… After getting mentally prepared to today’s college I got satisfied that now I am not going to forget it. And i will do these things anyhow. After doing my homework a feeling of tiredness came over me and I found myself in a sound sleep after 10 minutes. On next morning after offering prayer of fajar, I did my breakfast with Egg and paratha and packed up my bag. I went to take a bath. While taking a bath I recalled my to-do list. BUT I COULDN’T”T GO TO COLLEGE. Now what was the thing that went wrong and made me to stay at home? What could the reason be? You would be thinking that it’s a cow due to which I didn’t go to college as everybody is busy with his animal which is going to be sacrificed this coming Monday. but No! Cow can’t be the reason. That day was really important to me. I couldn’t take a leave. and our principal has recently issued his order for only our section that our application are not going to accept anymore. Now listen what was the Incident that took place. While wearing my School uniform…. MY PANT”S ZIP BROKE!!! :/


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