Creating or Deleting History?

Yet, I’m going to talk on the behalf of young generation. Nowadays, the young generation has a focus on deleting history rather creating (If you know what I mean). As the young generation as well as the student, we know the woes of students. We have to learn long historical achievements of those who had a remarkable service for humanity. So, we are not going to add the grief and sorrow to the upcoming generations. They would already have much to learn especially the social studies. So it’s better to grow silent and not to add anything in world’s history. Still, I’ll say that we studied Social studies in good times. Well! I wish best of luck to the upcoming generations especially to Pakistani students because something fishy is going in our country nowadays and the coming generation will have to learn about these recent protests too 😀 By the way, I was thinking, old scientific researches are getting proved wrong day by day and we are not going to do any research further, so soon there would be nothing to be studied. But the problem is this, proving old discoveries wrong also demands us to study and we have to study anyhow :/ . Furthermore, if we prove every old discovery wrong still we will have to learn it because as u know about Dalton’s Postulates and Rutherford’s Theory.

The thing which tugs at my heartstrings is that when we do any mistake, it is considered as a mistake and it is as it should be but doing mistake by any personality becomes the most brilliant and intelligent discovery, idea or become fashion. That’s not fair. Annoying! Isn’t it?


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