Slow Motion

If you could slow down an action that usually zooms by, or speed up an event that normally drags on, which would you choose, and why?

I guess, I would slow down my nostalgic memories which leaved a pleasant impression on me. I had a flashback about how every year papa used to load all us four siblings in the back-seat of his Corolla 86 and so we traversed the most joyous of the journeys – the beloved annual trip to our homeland i.e. Karachi. We used to spend our summer vacations at my Grandmother’s home after making a 10 hour journey from Rahim Yar Khan. Though we would get extremely tired in our car while travelling, the mere thought of the first sight of the lights of Karachi would live in us up. Still, the physical fatigue would overwhelm in the end. As we knocked the door, the sight of our pants from beneath the door would make excited the whole family and as we put our first step in, our warm welcome used to freshen us again and the plan of sleeping after reaching home that I made in the car in the condition of drowsiness always gets changed to party, celebration, festivity and I always wish that the trip would never end.

Besides this, I was thinking that I should change my blog name from scattered thoughts to scattered notes because my exams are just around the corner and I’m playing hide and seek with my notes nowadays which I never get when I need them otherwise they will be always available to me when I’m not in a study mood. So, slowing down the time is definitely going to help me in exams.

Furthermore I’d love to pause the time on dining table while having a dinner and doing a chit chat with complete family because that is the only moment when we all are together. Moreover, the last one but not the least I’ll enjoy my teenage life 😀 and yeah! I won’t forget my weekend they really need to be stretched out 😉



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