Digital Past!

The year is 2214, and your computer’s dusty hard drive has just resurfaced at an antique store. Write a note to the curious buyer explaining what he or she will find there.

Hey granny! Now don’t ask me how I know who you are! Only a granny can buy this old generation hard disk (In fact granny of granny) in 2214 and I also know that you can’t control your pathetic spying instincts because you just can’t help yourself. I know! Because I have been observing you since your childhood from above and I always found you stubborn don’t you worry! I’m not going to let you know your awful habits further.

Now let’s come to the main point. You can format it but if you still want to go through it because you’re stubborn, don’t blame me! 😀 Everything is messed up and intricate. Here you will find my favorite stuff in a folder named as “bnkjdfgasgfiul” as if my mom smashed my head on the keyboard while I was naming it and life is too short to give you a chance to rename it. You should format it at the first place because it would be mind-numbing for you. You should respect my privacy and be ethical. If you are going to check out my data anyway then you must listen the Ted Talks. They would certainly make your day. Besides, you will find my selfies there, Illustration, Photoshopped pictures, songs, English movies with their subtitles, long list of blogs and oh-so-old NFS-MW (if you’re into cars and chases). I bet you would have at least heard about it because you are too old 😀 In fact I doubt we have met somewhere in 2014.

It was nice disgracing you. Wish you best of luck with wholeheartedness that it supports your pc’s motherboard 🙂


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