Cure to Frustration!

The night was still, except the stars twinkling on the sky. A person with dull eyes was sitting in the corner of the room without any movement in dark with head resting on the folded arms on the dining table. The books were scattered all around the room, presenting a view of the study area. The register was messed up with numerical problems, formulas and some statements. Besides, there were also random scribbled sentences that were going side by side with headings that had nothing to do with studies, reflecting the upset mental state of a student. Suddenly the same dull eyes lived up by being sparkled, seems like the person has found his cure. That was me!

I rarely spend time with my younger sister. But that time an intense yearning was aroused in my frustrated heart to read a story book to my sister. The light was gone and the environment was silent. I took the LED torch and a story book that I had recently borrowed from library for my younger siblings. Those were winter’s days. We took a blanket and I started reading her first, her very first story ever. The book was “Esio Trot” written by Roald Dahl. I was reading in English and was trying to translate it in easy words as best as I could. The book consisted of almost 60 pages out of which 20 pages had already been read to her by my elder brother. So I started reading her the rest of the book with excitement and thrill. She was listening and also participating by asking questions frequently and I was trying my best to give her the best answers I had been coming up with. When we reached to the very last 10 pages of the book, she started feeling goosy and asked me to continue the story and “I’m just closing my eyes but don’t stop. I’m listening”. That sentence made my day as I was very happy that my sister is enjoying the story which I’m reading her. After a moment or two when I looked at her, I found her in deep, sound sleep leaving me desperate as if I’m that bad story teller. But still reading her a book was a good experience. You should also try it on your little siblings.

“Reading is a welcome escape from the dullness of daily life”


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